Chase The Ghosts Away

by A Northern Light

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released October 21, 2010

Music by A Northern Light
Words by Darren Doherty
Produced by Clark Phillips at Great Northern Productions



all rights reserved


A Northern Light Belfast, UK

Ever since their formation at the turn of the decade, A Northern Light have strived to push the sonic boundaries of the three-piece alt-rock band.

The band have gradually shaped this sound over the course of several well-received EPs & singles, the incorporation of modern technology into their live performances, and a strong DIY ethos that sets them apart from other unsigned artists.
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Track Name: A Touch Aggressive
The measure of man is not his brutality
It is his mind
Thousands will claim you are the better man
If you survive
But I understand it’s not so simple as
As planting trees
You gotta decide to take some shit my friend
Remain at peace…
Not dance on him again

‘Cause he caught your eye

It shouldn’t be hard to let the monkeys pass
With just alarm
But night after night you’re playing dangerous
Who will you harm?
Now I am appalled ‘cause I’ve seen sights of you
With golden hands
Ready to lead the hearts of honesty
To foreign lands…
Not dance on him again

‘Cause he caught your eye

Just a little of it
Just a little of it
Just a little spine (to walk on by)
Just a little of it
Just a little of it
Just a little pride (in your own life)
Track Name: Show Me Your Soul
I’ve been waiting for this day
It’s been a long time coming, hey
But aren’t you glad you turned away
Then turned it back, now full array
Of sonic literary lights
The kind that turn your retinas bright
Our kind is not too rare to find
So if you found it show me

Show me what you got
Show me what you got
Show me what you got and you will know me

I’m catching ribbons in the sky
Dreams of friends who choose to lie
To themselves and to the world
In an righteous way
But now my fellows dreams are mine
I’m gonna make them come alive
Spray my soul across the wall
And let the doves away

Show me what you got
Show me what you got
Show me what you got and you will know me

If you’d feel safer in the dark
Safe to give this love a spark
I’ll close my eyes and hold your heart
And you will know me
There’s nothing safer than this now
When we all become the sound
Close your eyes and hold my heart
And you will know me
Track Name: Cold Day in Hell
Lesson one in becoming clone
You choose your friends like you choose your laws
From a text supplied to you from the sky
You translate words into fields of thought
Remove emotion to keep your eye on the prize
And you’ll always think you're right
It’ll be a cold day in hell here
For your imitation of a human being

Lesson two in becoming clone
Disarm your brain, forget dinosaurs
I suppose, if you feel it then you know!
Your epitaph will be read aloud
"He did his best in a big bad world"
But you know, in the end they're only words
It’ll be a cold day in hell here
For your imitation of a human being

Get better, it won't get better

I know God above isn’t coming round
To lick my wounds, lift me from the ground
And you know, that doesn’t get me down
Cause I have souls who are shaped and grown
From life itself, every cog and thread
An advance, not immortal but at least alive

I judge myself so hard inside
Beneath this cold and bitter sky
Where will I go when I die?
Will we meet in the same sky?
Track Name: Mother's Call (Gia Mix)
Do you recall?
The coloured walls
The bloody footpaths
A mother’s call
Never answered
By wanted boys
Stripped naked
Military toys

‘Cause it’s a long way down from here
And we are two steps way too near
To the kinda life we kinda knew, thought never mattered
But we were wrong
‘Cause we were kids when bombs went off
And friends of friends were shot
This time around well you gotta think it will be our kids
Not coming home

Let’s take a walk
Through the graveyards
And sleep soundly
Knowing we were not wrong

‘Cause this island’s been divided
We are not one or the other
We are different, our own identity
Formed through violence and mass humility
And we must not turn the other cheek

Does this violence not remind us
That we are not out of the water
We are anchored to the devils
‘Till the devils get dragged under